I'm Annie. I'm a personal trainer, ponytail enthusiast, wife, mom of two and I like my coffee the same way I like my weights- heavy. 

If you're looking for workouts that feel like punishment and strict diet advice, I'm not your gal as I believe fitness and food should be fun. Ok, ok sometimes workouts aren't fun in the moment (Bulgarian split squats anyone?) but overall, I believe food and movement should leave you feeling better, not worse. 

As a lover of lifting, I'm here to help simplify training, give you tips to perfect your form, and provide a gentle nudge or a hard shove (it isn't always rainbows and unicorns, right?) in the right direction when needed. 

Dropping some weight, improving body composition or fitting into your favorite pair of jeans again are all totally worthy goals. In fact, thats exactly what brought me to the gym over a decade ago. But I also believe that exploring what your body can do (vs. what it looks like) is pretty flipping great too. 

I'm happy you're here. ❤